CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV allows your site to be monitored at our fully accredited Category 2 high security alarm and video receiving centre for the fraction of the cost of mobile patrols or a manned guard onsite. Inside the monitoring centre there are a team of fully qualified monitoring staff who are all SIA licenced for public space CCTV monitoring and are trained to deal with any incidents that may occur on your site. They receive the alarm, monitor the threat, track intruders issue, audio warnings and follow an agreed action plan. For example, notifying site owner and informing security or emergency services.

The sequence of events in a typical incident takes place as follows:

1. Intruder enters site

2. External movement detector or video analytics is activated as intruder passes

3. Alarm will be sent to our 24 monitoring centre with real time video stream of related camera footage

4. Operator opens alarm and reviews live footage

5. If a threat is detected an immediate live audio warning is issued, this in most cases will result in the intruder leaving site

6. Monitoring operative tracks intruder and calls for response from either the emergency services or keyholder

7. Customer is emailed a daily site activity report.

Facilities also available include:

Opening of electric gates and barriers
Constant site monitoring for agreed times
Two way voice intercom with site entrance gate
Remote scheduled login and patrol's
Monitoring of delivery's

Security Alarm Monitoring

Our Alarm Receiving Centre can monitor your sites Security, Panic Alarm and Fire Alarm via all forms of remote signalling including:

BT RedCare