With a growing reputation for highly professional service excellence, Laser Fire & Security are at the forefront of a totally new and unrivalled concept in security systems design and risk management

Rapid Deployment Remote Video Guarding Service

When you hire the ActiveGuard remote video guarding solution from Laser Fire & Security, you don't just get a camera tower or cameras at various locations around your site-you get a complete 'event activated' real time guarding service!

Laser Fire & Security will deliver and install the camera/detector configuration specific to your site protection needs, and set up a wireless link back to both ActiveGuard Monitoring centres. You literally have SIA licenced CCTV operators rostered around the clock to view and respond when your ActiveGuard system detects intruders during specified hours.

ActiveGuard operators are not trying to focus on banks of video screens for hours on end...they are alerted to action only when movement is actually detected at your site. Blank video screens in the remote monitoring centre then 'come to life' gaining the immediate and full attention of the specially trained operator.

The operator then literally becomes your 'on site' guard, tracking the incident, warning off intruders via onsite PA speakers, compering live video with stored reference images, and informing keyholders and calling Police assistance for confirmed criminal events in progress.

"You have been identified in a restricted area...police have been notified and your actions are being recorded...Leave the area immediately..."

And it's all recorded and watermarked, so you're not just relying on incident reports written by guards after the event!

ActiveGuard owns and operates two of its own state of the art Category 2 (High Security) SSAIB certified Alarm and Video receiving centres based in two separate towns and connected via monitored high speed data links for dual redundancy. The monitoring centres are also equipped with automatic Standby Generators and UPS systems to insure no down time in monitoring of your site. World leading video and alarm monitoring and response technology is used.

ActiveGuard... a Real Guarding service with optional remote patrols for less than half the hourly cost of an ordinary security guard.

ActiveGuard Sitewatch Wireless Battery Powered cameras are also available
Mobile/Ipad access of cameras on site optional live monitor in site office or access from HQ
Emailed Daily Activation Reports