Laser Fire & Security design and install professional CCTV systems. These include traditional static cameras viewing particular scenes, or fully functional pan, tilt and zoom operated cameras that can be remotely controlled. Our cameras can be used to view further in low light with infra-red/white light illumination for round the clock surveillance. We take care to select and install equipment to suit the application. As camera and recording technology continue to evolve, we are able to harness developments in HD and IP to maximise the potential of the system.

Communication systems using copper, fibre optic, wireless and internet based transmission systems can be fully installed and maintained by Laser Fire & Security. As analogue CCTV is increasingly replaced with digital and wire free systems we are keenly placed to capitalise on the new technologies and principles to deliver future proof systems.

Additional Options Available

Motion Detection
Video Analytics
ANPR Cameras
Professional Offsite Remote Monitoring
Smart Phone and Tablet Access

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As technology advances, Laser Fire & Security will continue to remain at the forefront of CCTV design and installation, providing high quality systems which are tailored to the customer's needs, budget and long term plans.