An intruder alarm is a deterrent against unwelcome visitors, keeping your building and its contents safe. Laser Fire & Security provides a variety of intruder systems designed specifically for the application. They are installed to the stringent BS and EN standards using professional security graded equipment which will meet Police and Insurance Company requirements. We offer a range of systems for commercial, Industrial, Retail and domestic use. Wireless systems are also available along with remote smart phone app control.

Systems are installed using control equipment from leading manufacturers along with a range of detection and signalling technologies.

Magnetic door contacts
Passive infra-red and microwave detection with optional built in camera
Panic buttons
Infra-red beams
Shock detection
Smoke Cloak and Fog Bandit

Intruder and Panic alarms systems can be monitored by our alarm receiving centre. At any time of the day or night. We can provide:

BT RedCare

Takeover and Upgrades

Laser Fire & Security engineers have experience of taking over and working on any existing intruder alarm systems. If you are unhappy with your existing installer give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs.