Access control from Laser Fire & Security allows you to control who can enter a site, area or building using fobs, cards, smart phones and biometrics. We are able to control access using a range of systems from the leading manufacturers, from a single door to a networked cloud and PC based system covering multi-site and hundreds of doors.

As an independent company we offer open protocol systems from many suppliers. We are therefore ideally placed to carefully select and offer the system that is best suited to you, the purpose and environment it will operate in. As well as controlling and tracking the movements of people and generating valuable reports for safety, roll call and management. Our systems can be expanded with additional modules for visitors, photo id creation and time and attendance. All our systems small or large are linked to a wide range of locking systems that together ensure only the authorised person can enter.

Our access control systems can also be linked to Electric Gates and Barriers.

Take Over and Maintenance

If you have an existing system in place Laser Fire & Security would be happy to maintain and provide support.