CCTV / Fire & Security – Leasing – Install Now, Pay Later

Laser Fire & Security understand that your business needs to be secure, but also recognises that protecting equipment, employees and stock take a high priority. There are many benefits that a leasing option can provide that can help prevent the need to delay protecting your business due to prioritising other expenditure.

For those businesses that qualify for it, acquiring CCTV / Fire & Security capital equipment on a lease basis can make good business sense (ask any accountant). Here are a few of the benefits why you may want to consider acquiring your equipment on a business lease:

Improved cash flow - Instead of one larger payment, the cost of the acquisition is spread over a number of smaller regular payments. Try to remember that you do not make / save money from the ownership of equipment but rather from the use of it.

Cost efficient – in many cases, the financial benefit of having CCTV / Fire & Security systems is significantly greater than its monthly cost (which effectively makes it free).

Tax benefits - Leasing payments may be offset against tax.

Fixed payments - Payments are fixed for the term of the contract. Customers are protected from changing interest rates, enabling accurate budgeting and cash flow projections.

Immediate access – your business can benefit from much needed equipment now so there is no need to wait until funds are available.

Laser Fire & Security work with a number of the UK’s leading business finance providers and can tailor agreements between 1 and 6 years which have flexible upgrade options throughout the term of the contract allowing your systems to grow with your business. If you are a Limited company and have been trading for over 3 years, then there is a strong chance that your business will qualify.

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